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Cordoba’S Day With Seryn

07 Oct 2013
Cordoba’S Day With Seryn

We stumbled across Denton, TX band Seryn through a fan’s photo from one of their shows on Instagram. Lo and behold, there was lead singer Trenton Wheeler wielding his Cordoba 20TM-CE front and center! After listening to a few tracks, we knew we had to catch Seryn when they came through LA mid-August.

The afternoon of their show at the Mint, Seryn came by Cordoba’s HQ in Santa Monica to do a quick video with us. We loaded the whole gang into the Cordoba van with their chosen instruments from our Artist lounge: Trenton on the Cordoba 35TS, Nathan on the Acero D10-CE, Aaron on the C9 CD, Jenny with her banjo, Carlo with his violin, and Chris with his shaker.  It was a beautiful day in Venice, and we had picked a really cool mural on the boardwalk as a backdrop for our video.

Just as we were finally ready to hit record, we got busted and shut down– by the cops! Turns out we didn’t have the proper permit… whoops. A wonderfully kind Venice local named James tried to help us out by offering up his front yard, just across the way, but the police weren’t having it. Once they left, Seryn performed “Beach Song” for James in his front yard anyway, and we realized all had a sound check to get through! (Thanks again, James!)

We zipped through LA rush hour, made a quick stop at Guitar Center on the way, and hung out with Seryn as they set up for the evening. Man, do they have a lot of gear! As the sound technicians were making the final touches, we all relocated to the back room of the Mint, where we were privy to an amazing acoustic rendition of Seryn’s “Ivory Black.” We are very proud to present you with our final cut!

Seryn – Ivory Black