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Ukulele Tutorials

Learn the different ukulele sizes, and incorporate barre chords into your repertoire with tips and techniques that will relieve the strain off of your fingers. Breathe new life into a familiar song by switching out familiar open chords with an alternative voicing and embrace the beauty of fingerpicking patterns in 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8 time signatures with 6 essential fingerpicking patterns. What is chucking, how do you produce a chuck, and where can you apply the chucking technique? Find out with the help of Katie Denure, in this all-encompassing, family-friendly approach to the art of the ukulele. There's never been a better time to lean into the joy of music and learn to play the ukulele. With Córdoba's Live. Play. Learn. Series, you're one step closer to playing all your favorite songs.

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Get to know Katie DeNure

With her infectiously joyous personality, multiple teaching certifications, and over a decade of teaching experience, Katie DeNure offers a family-friendly approach to learning ukulele.

Katie DeNure is a state-certified teacher, licensed by the state of Wisconsin. She holds multiple teaching certifications and over a decade of experience teaching in public and private schools. Beyond teaching, Katie has also been involved in developing curriculum, refining and improving educational methods, and mentoring new teachers.

With a passion for the ukulele and teaching, Katie wants to help you become the best musician you can be.

Katie DeNure
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